Image Processing / Video Processing projects for Mtech,Btech, BE, MS and diploma students in Trichy

Best and Latest Exciting Image Processing / Video Processing ideas with Source Code in Python, For Beginners and experienced/Research projects for research academics-2023

Image processing, often known as digital image processing, is a method for enhancing image quality through the use of mathematical processes. Image editing projects entail finding the two-dimensional signal in an image and enhancing it by comparing it to a standard signal. The second method used in an image processing project is to change parameters that are relevant to digital picture characteristics. We can assist you with your image processing job in either case. You can select from several IEEE papers on image processing for your original project on image processing. For students in their last year of engineering and computer science, Galwin Tech provides Image Processing projects, IEEE Projects based on Image Processing, and Mini Image Processing Projects.Choose an image processing final year project from our most recent 2023 or 2022 IEEE projects, or get assistance with your project idea and a tutorial on digital image processing.

IEEE Image Processing / Video Processing projects for BE/B tech,M tech -Computer science,ECE,EEE and Research Students

  • AI Vision Based Social Distancing Detection
  • Traffic Sign Detection and Recognition Based on Image processing & Convolution Neural Network
  • Computer Vision for Attendance and Emotion Analysis in School Settings
  • Facial Mask Detection using Semantic Segmentation
  • Human Activity Recognition using OpenCv & Python
  • Image processing based Tracking and Counting Vehicles
  • Paddy crop disease detection using machine learning.
  • Smart Voting System through Facial Recognition
  • Efficient Deep CNN-Based Fire Detection and Localization in Video Surveillance Applications
  • Object Detection, convert object name to text and text to speech.
  • What to play next? A RNN-based music recommendation system
  • An improved fatigue detection system based on behavioral characteristics of driver.
  • Wild animal intrusion detection using image processing & CNN.
  • Traffic sign detection using machine learning algorithm
  • An Approach to Maintain Attendance using Image Processing Techniques
  • Handwritten Digit Recognition Using Deep Learning
  • Vehicle Number Plate Detection System For Indian Vehicles.
  • Speed Detection Camera System Using Image Processing Techniques On Video Streams