Best and IOT Projects For Learning IoT and other projects for ECE ,CSE students, Engineering students,beginners,in short it is also called IOT Projects.

Final Year IOT Projects Ideas For CSE and ECE 2023

    The Internet of Things, or IOT as it is more commonly called, is the idealised present. IOT is altering how people live their lives thanks to the power of the internet. IOT, to put it simply, is the process by which a physical thing with embedded sensors exchanges data with other devices via the internet. Every day, more things, including refrigerators, homes, cars, and mobile devices, are connected to the internet.

    The demand for IOT-related abilities and creatives is increasing along with the IOT business. Examples of IOT-based applications include biometric cybersecurity scanners, autonomous farming equipment, and safety home gadgets. Along with these fantastic benefits, IOT is also a fascinating option for senior projects because it is on the rise, important for the advancement of technology, entertaining to work with, and flexible in its implementation.

    Here are some of the best Internet of things/IoT project ideas for engineering students

    • Green leaf disease detection using Raspberry PI
    • IOT based Anaesthesia Machine Control using Raspberry Pi
    • Arduino Based Smart Energy Meter using GSM
    • Industrial Communication Networks and the Future of Industrial Automation
    • Arduino Based Smart Energy Meter using GSM
    • Charging Station for E-Vehicle using Solar with IOT
    • Design of an Internet of Things Environment Based on Hysteresis Control in a Photovoltaic Panel Controller for the Massive Use of Solar Electric Energy in Urban Areas.
    • Design of Portable Land Parameter Measuring Device
    • Diverse IOT Based Gadgets to Update a Moderate Condition of Farmers in India
    • Gas Level Detection and Automatic Booking Using IOT

    IEEE Projects on IoT

    • Poster Abstract: IOT enabled Wi-Fi Indoor Positioning System using raster maps
    • IOT Device For Sewage Gas Monitoring And Alert System
    • IOT based Wireless Controlled Smart Transportation System
    • IOT Based Garbage Monitoring System
    • Low-Power Wide-Area Networks for Sustainable IOT
    • Web Monitoring and Speed Control Of Solar Based BLDC Motor With IOT
    • Massive Machine Type Communication and the Internet of Things
    • Improving supply chain visibility using IOT-internet of things
    • Network Access Control for the IOT: A Comparison between Cellular, Wi-Fi and LoRaWAN
    • Research on LED lightweight cryptographic algorithm based on RFID tag of Internet of things
    • Smart Poultry Farm Incorporating GSM and IOT
    • The Design and Implementation of GPS Controlled Environment Monitoring Robotic System based on IOT and ARM
    • Implementation of Node Authentication Algorithm of In-Vehicle Network in Connected Car
    • Smart Environment Data Monitoring
    • Wireless Power Transmission for the Internet of Things (IOT)
    • IOT applications with robotics is an on-going revaluation which is in rapid development.
    • Development of an Energy Meter based on IOT
    • Design and Analysis of IOT based Air Quality Monitoring System
    • An IOT-Based Intelligent System for Real-Time Parking Monitoring and Automatic Billing
    • A Natural User Interface and Blockchain-Based In-Home Smart Health Monitoring System
    • Waste Management Improvement in Cities using IOT
    • Low-Cost IoT Enabled Weather Station
    • IOT Based Emergency Health Monitoring System.
    • Design and Development of IOT Based Multi-Parameter Patient Monitoring System
    • Energy Efficient Wireless Communication for IOT Enabled Greenhouses
    • IoT based Soil Maintenance through Micro-Nutrients and Protection of Crops from Excess Water
    • Wheelchair control through eye blinking and IOT platform.
    • IoT and Wireless Sensor Network based Autonomous Farming Robot.
    • Indoor Intrusion Detection and Filtering System Using Raspberry Pi
    • Real-Time Vehicle Detection, Tracking and Counting Using Raspberry-Pi
    • Object Tracking with Raspberry Pi using Histogram of Oriented Gradients (HOG) and Support Vector Machine (SVM)
    • Deep Learning Techniques for Obstacle Detection and Avoidance in Driverless Cars
    • Automated Detection of Driving Pathway Using Image Processing
    • Automated Vision-based Surveillance System to Detect Drowning Incidents in Swimming Pools

    Industrial IoT use cases that will transform the world in the future

    Industrial machine predictive maintenance using IOT. Maintaining industrial machinery is a difficult task, but doing so will help the sector meet its output goals and, as a result, boost its profitability. The functionality of the equipment may be ascertained by supervisors using IOT sensors, cameras, and data provided by the sensors, allowing them to do the necessary preventive maintenance. IOT-enabled systems are configured to sound the alert and can produce maintenance timetables in advance of problems occurring by utilising the data. IOT-based predictive maintenance has many benefits.