IEEE JAVA & ANDROID based projects for Mtech,Btech, BE, MS and diploma students in Trichy

JAVA & ANDROID Project for Engineering Students

IEEE JAVA & ANDROID PROJECTS based projects for Mtech,Btech, BE, MS and diploma students in Trichy

Over 72% of smartphones on the earth work on Android OS. Additionally android OS allows companies /institutes /organizations to develop customized android apps to interact with their customers/students/followers 24/7 through android apps. A wide variety of successful online business ideas can be developed using android apps. NevonProjects compiles the best android projects for students and app ideas to start your online business.

JAVA & Android Based Projects for Engineering Students

  • School Security System using RFID
  • Contact Recognition App Using Fingerprint Sensor
  • JAVA & ANDROIDAndroid Based Image Steganography
  • Android Voting System Using Face Recognition
  • JAVA & ANDROIDAndroid TTS OCR Converter System for People with Visual Disability
  • Android Grocery Management App
  • Android Local Geofence System
  • Shared Office Finder System Using Flutter
  • Memory Card Game Flutter App
  • Flutter Based Bill Reminder App
  • ShareBook App Android Book Sharing Application
  • Intelligent Mobile Travel Guide Flutter App
  • Indoor Navigation System App using Flutter
  • Smart Time Table Generation Flutter App Using Genetic Algorithm
  • Biometric Student Attendance System App
  • Music and Shows Finder Flutter App
  • Timer Based Phone Silencer App
  • Recipe Recommendation from the Ingredients Flutter App
  • Android Job Portal System App
  • AI Chatbot App using Dialog Flow in Flutter
  • Body Pose Detection App using Google ML-Kit Flutter
  • Flutter Based Calories Tracker App
  • Flutter Based House Bidding Application
  • Flutter Medicine Tracker and Notification App
  • Flutter Payment Reminder App
  • Restaurant Employees Tip Calculator System App Flutter
  • Time series Anomaly Detector App using Azure Cognitive Services
  • YouTube Giveaway Manager App Using Flutter
  • Personal Goal Tracking App using Flutter
  • Stay Safe Security App With Scream Alert
  • Android Hostel Management System App
  • Android Investment Tracker App
  • Lost Item Tracker App
  • Periodic Bell & Timetable Reminder App
  • Flutter based SMS Scheduler App
  • Teacher Tracking System Flutter
  • Train Food Ordering App
  • Vehicle Maintenance and Mileage Tracker App
  • Event Registration System with QR Code
  • Flutter based Music Player App
  • Flutter based Online Auction App
  • Flutter Based Online Helpdesk System
  • Flutter based Interview Preparation App
  • Digital Fare Meter App for Drivers Based on Flutter
  • Flutter Based Barter Trading System App
  • Money Management App for Expense Planning Flutter
  • Elevator Saga: Fun Game Flutter App
  • Hangman Game: Vocabulary Building Flutter App
  • Secure File Access System Android App
  • Brain Tumor and Alzheimer’s Detection Flutter App
  • Android Phone Hardware Tester App
  • Text Translation App Using Google API
  • AI-Based Picture Translation App
  • Android File Finder and Sorting App

JAVA & ANDROID Projects for ECE

Find latest android project topics for your final year students with source code for learning. These are innovative android app project ideas are used by students for learning as well as online business ideas by startups. Your search for latest project topics ends here. These ideas have been researched and updated here every week for students to implement and use. Android platform has grown exponentially in terms of size and technology in the past years. Android is used for standalone as well as server based hybrid mobile phone system implementation. So here we provide a largest variety of android app development project ideas with source code that can be implemented.