IEEE Power Electronics Projects based projects for Mtech,Btech, BE, MS and diploma students in Trichy

Power Electronics Projects Projects for Engineering Students

    Today, a wide range of electronic converters are covered by the power electronics technology, which is a fast expanding area of electrical engineering. Controlling the flow of electrical energy—which is measured in terms of power rather than signal—is the focus of power electronics. Solid-state electronic switches and other control systems can be used to control energy. Power electronic devices have a number of benefits for converting electrical energy from one form to another, including high efficiency, smaller size, lower cost, and lighter weight. Large volumes of power can be transformed, shaped, and controlled using power electronics. Power electronics projects can be used to regulate linear induction motors, power system components, industrial controlling devices, etc.

    The study of the design, control, calculation, and integration of nonlinear, time-varying energy-processing electronic systems with quick dynamics is known as power electronics in the field of electrical engineering. Solid-state electronics are used in this situation to convert and control electric power. Solid-state devices are widespread and include the diode, silicon controlled rectifier, thyristor, TRIAC, power MOSFET, etc. For engineering students, we have listed some intriguing power electronics projects here.

    IEEE Power Electronics Projects

    • Digitization of ECG Paper Records using MATLAB
    • Nested Multilevel Topologies
    • An AC–DC Single-Stage Full-Bridge Converter With Improved Output Characteristics
    • A Novel Full Load Range ZVS DC-DC Full-Bridge Converter with Natural Hold-Up Time Operation
    • A Novel Matrix Based Isolated Three Phase AC-DC Converter with Reduced Switching Losses
    • Reduced current harmonics in the NPC inverter with a novel space vector PWM
    • Soft Switching Three Level Inverter (S3L Inverter)
    • A Novel Low Power 3T Inverter
    • A Cascaded Asymmetric Multilevel Inverter with Minimum Number of Switches for Solar Applications
    • Design of a Single Stage Grid-Connected Bucl-Boost Photovoltaic Inverter for Residential Application
    • Design of Single-Stage Buck and Boost Converters for Photovoltaic Inverter Applications
    • An Integrated Three-Port Bidirectional DC–DC Converter for PV Application on a DC Distribution System
    • A Bridgeless Boost Rectifier for Low-Voltage Energy Harvesting Application
    • Modular Multilevel Inverter with New Modulation Method and Its Application to Photovoltaic Grid-Connected Generator