IEEE Wireless Communication Matlab based projects for Mtech,Btech, BE, MS and diploma students in Trichy

Wireless Communication Projects for Engineering Students

    Simply put, wireless communication refers to data transmission without the usage of cables. To support student research and academics, NevonProjects offers the most comprehensive collection of wireless project ideas. We offer wireless communication projects using IR, RF, Bluetooth, DTMF, Zigbee, and other wireless technologies. Our wireless communication projects are made to assist engineering students with the research and development of their wireless projects. For engineering students to easily develop electronics communication systems, lists of wireless communication projects are provided. Our self-learning wireless electronics project kits are geared toward scholars who are interested in education. Find your preferred project kit by browsing our choice of wireless project ideas:

    IEEE Wireless Communication based Project

    • Joint Power and Bandwidth Allocation in Wireless Cooperative Localization Networks
    • Secure Communication in Massive MIMO Relay Networks
    • MIMO Wireless Secure Communication Using Data-Carrying Artificial Noise
    • Lightweight Ciphers Based on Chaotic Map – LFSR Architectures
    • Block-Diagonalization Precoding in aMultiuser Multicell MIMO System: Competition and Coordination
    • Energy Efficient Network Beamforming Design Using Power-Normalized SNR
    • Wireless Information and Power Transfer in Multiuser OFDM Systems
    • System Capacity Improvement by On Request Channel Allocation in L TE Cellular Network
    • Resource Allocation in Hybrid Access Control Femtocell Network Targeting Inter-cell Interference Reduction
    • BER analysis of conventional and wavelet based OFDM in LTE using different modulation techniques
    • A Novel detection algorithm for performance analysis of MIMO-OFDM systems using equalizer over a Rayleigh fading channel
    • Improvement in ber performance by MMSE equalizer with MIMO OFDM
    • Performance Evaluation of Static Frequency Reuse Techniques for OFDMA Cellular Networks
    • Spectrum Sharing Scheme Between Cellular Users and Ad-hoc Device-to-Device Users
    • A Practical Cooperative Multicell MIMO-OFDMA Network Based on Rank Coordination
    • Downlink Resource Allocation for Next Generation Wireless Networks with Inter-Cell Interference
    • Minimum Energy Channel Codes for Nanoscale Wireless Communications
    • Spectrum Sensing for Digital Primary Signals in Cognitive Radio: A Bayesian Approach for Maximizing Spectrum Utilization