“Faculty development focuses on the improvement of the individual instructor’s teaching skills; instructional development on students’ learning by improving the course and curriculum experience; and organizational development on the interrelationship and effectiveness of units within the institution; finally, educational development refers to the overall interaction resulting from the three prior efforts.”

Faculty Development programs strengthen the professional development of the faculty members and administrators who deal directly with students. Our goal is to help these educators increase the effectiveness of their teaching, especially in undergraduate programs, so that they are better able to guide students on journeys of inquiry and discovery.

  • Internet of Things

  • Robotics

  • Embedded System (PIC Microcontroller, ARM LPC 2148 )

  • Raspberry pi

  • PIC Microcontroller


  • Arduino Uno with Node MCU

  • Multilayer PCB Designing

  • LabVIEW with CLAD Training

  • Beagle bone

  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning

  • RTOS


  • LoRa

  • Basic Eletronics

  • C, C++ & Python Programming with data structures

  • Wireless Interfaces GSM, GPS, ZIGBEE, RSSI, WiFi, LiFi, iBeacon & Bluetooth

  • Protocol on Embedded System (SPI, I2C & CAN Protocol)

  • JAVA & Android