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    MINI Project Title

    • Automated Medication Dispensing System With Facial Recognition
    • Smart Vision Assistant For The Visually Impaired: Object Detection And Auditory Feedback
    • Securing Forests With Deep Learning: A Face Recognition Enhanced Tree Cutting Detection System
    • Healthconvo: Empowering Users With An Informative And Interactive Medical Chatbot
    • Smart Kitchen: Automated Freshness Assessment Of Meat Products
    • Image Processing Techniques For Malaria Parasite Detection In Microscopic Blood Smears
    • Machine Learning For Stroke Prediction: A Comparative Study Of Algorithms
    • Quantifying Neural Biomarkers In Psychiatric Disorders Through EEG Analysis
    • Quantifying Neural Biomarkers In Psychiatric Disorders Through EEG Analysis
    • Breast Cell Cancer Detection Using Cnn
    • Bone Cancer Classification
    • Colorectal Cancer Detection Using Deep Learning

    Mini Projects for CSE with code and documentation

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    • An effective manet moment design in wireless communication(networking)
    • Smart way of data broad casting in mobile adhoc networks (networking).
    • Server based data communication in WSN(networking)
    • Smart redeployment in 3ways of failure cases of channels(networking)
    • An Effective Re Deployment of Cooperative Network(S) to Transmit in Incremental Clusters Approach
    • An innovative model approach to prevent malformed pro sql tuples in general DB model(database security)
    • Analisys on k-means clustering on thyroid decease(data mining)
    • Fuzzy c-means clustering with large medical datasets(data mining)
    • Smart way of finding K-nearest neighbour on medical datasets(data mining)
    • Unique TCP approach wrt fountain as asynchronous and modulated data in secured transmission with CMM.