The Most Used Guiding Force Behind an Automated Industrial Plant Is A "Programmable Logic Controller" Generally Known As A PLC. PLCs Along With Certain Other Necessary Ingredients Like Sensors, Motors, Actuators, Valves, Conveyors, Boilers, SCADA Systems, Computers & Many More, Makes A Real Automated Manufacturing Plant. Programmable Logic Controller or PLC is a computing system used to control electromechanical processes. SCADA stands for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. It is a type of industrial control system that is used to monitor and control facilities and infrastructure in industries.

The main objective of PLC & SCADA Course is to make the aspiring engineers acquainted with the conceptual as well as practical knowledge of the Industrial Automation & latest technologies being used to achieve industrial automation. The idea of organizing this course is to inculcate the basic fundamentals of automation in the students and provide them with a platform to work on, In The Near Future.

  • Presents practical lessons and techniques for use in Designing, Implementing, Integrating and Testing software for Modern Embedded Systems

  • Describes what an embedded system is, what makes them different, and what embedded systems designers need to know to develop embedded systems

  • Provides the student with a life cycle view for designing multi-objective, multi-discipline embedded systems

  • Imparts a solid understanding of the role of embedded systems and embedded systems design and development in modern day’s technology-enabled society

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What the students gain through the course?

So, the students completing the Advanced Embedded Course will be equipped with the needful technical skills concerning


We evaluate basic knowledge about electronics and basic C programming knowledge through admission test.


We will provide lot of practical oriented Hands - on training with technical industry experts that Enhance Programming skills and hardware practice.


We pull the students to do lot of real time projects & we develop problem solving skills with the guidance of Galwin staffs .


Galwin act as a bridge between industry & students and also we provide knowledge about industry 4.0 that helps industry upliftment to next level

Embedded systems, and will understand the role of embedded systems in the context of complex engineering systems. Our Embedded course aims at imparting technical skills to the students right from the basics to advanced level, such that, by the end of the Program the student is developed as the finished product, ready to join the industry.

Eligibility : B.E/B.Tech, M.Tech, (electronics branches)

:6 Months


  • Introduction To MMI / HMI

  • Designing in HMI Software – Different Types of operators Interfaces ,Textual & Graphical

  • Properties for the Design

  • Input / Output configuration

  • Wiring Practice of HMI

  • Data handling with HMI

  • Checking and Interfacing to PLC & Pc

Mini Project 1


  • Introduction about industrial automation

  • Introduction about Programmable Logic Controller

  • Architecture of PLC and PLC Scan cycle

  • Relay Digital Logics

  • Introduction about PLC programming.

  • Types of programming languages

  • Introduction about PLC programming software

  • Logical function by ladder program in software

  • Latching and unlatching concepts

  • Timer , types of Timers, Example for Automation using Timers.

  • Counter , Example for Automation using Counters.

  • Analog Comparator.

  • Shift Instructions.

  • Math Function

  • Display &Keypad

  • Uploading / Downloading the Program.

  • PLC Trouble Shooting.

  • Input and Output Modules Configuration

  • Wiring practice of PLC

Mini Project 2


  • Introduction – SCADA

  • Images , Objects Configuration

  • Dynamic Properties ( Blinking Visibility, Movement, Filling )

  • Monitoring and Control

  • Alarm / Events Configuration

  • Trends.

Mini Project 3


  • VFD Selection

  • Parametrisation

  • Checking Load

  • Rated Voltage

  • Rated current

  • Rated RPM

  • Commissioning, No Load Test

  • Interfacing PLC to VFD

  • Speed Modulation

  • ON/OFF Command

Mini Project 4