ESCAPE Robot kit

The Escape Robot Kit works just like an A.I. robot. it never fails to ¬and its way out of a maze.

The Escape Robot makes use of three infrared emitting diodes and one infrared receiving module to send and receive signals and detect obstacles.

Escape Robot has an in-built microprocessor which enables it to “think” on its own, as it process information about its environment and maneuvres itself around obstacles.

Escape Robot moves on six legs. The kit comes complete with 2 sets of di erently designed legs, which provides endless fun and excitement with its di erent sets of movements.

This Escape Robot Kit, which resembles the "Lost in Space" Chariot terrain vehicle, works just like an A.I. robot - it learns and refuses to be contained by any maze-like confinement

This robot makes use of three infrared emitting diodes and one infrared receiving module to send and receive signals and detect obstacles.

This robot Houdini also has up its sleeve an in-built microprocessor which enables it to "think" on its own as it processes information about its environment and maneuvers itself around obstacles.

The kit, like the Six Leg Gearbox Walking Robot, comes equipped with two sets of differently designed legs, allowing for radically unique movement.


1. Three infrared emitting diodes and one infrared receiving module

2. Unassembled electronic PC Board

3. Dimensions: 5" x 5" x 5"

Sound Activated LEDs Kit

Four high-intensity LEDs light up and react simultaneously to every sound.

Use for different, fun, and practical applications like a sound indicator or simple sound-to-light unit for music

The unit can also be used to indicate when the doorbell or the telephone is ringing, which is particularly useful for the hearing-impaired.

The sensitivity is adjustable with the potentiometer, and it has a built-in microphone.


• Intermediate level

• Power consumption: 0.5mA min./12mA max.

• Adjustable sensitivity

• Dimensions: 2.5"L x 1.6"W x 1.4"H

• Weight: 0.1 lbs.

3 in 1 Robotic Kit

Robotic Cart platform consists 3 robotic projects

The Robotic Cart platform provides a platform to students to develop different type of robotic vehicles for academic projects. Further assembly and program will extend to a working 4 wheeled robot that can detect and avoid obstacles on its way.

1) Obstacle Avoiding Robot - This wheeled cart comes with a metallic frame preholed to assemble parts on it. It comes with 4 geared DC motors which are powerful enough to drag almost double the current weight of robot. With this power, cart is able to climb obstacles of around 2-3 cms in height and climb slope of about 45 degrees. The IR Range sensor fitted on this Robot allows it to detect the obstacles in front, according to which Robot changes the direction of motion. The logic of obstacle detection and change of direction is written in program which comes with this robot. This program can be modified to change the logic as required. Full Video and Images of working robot along with 3D wiring diagram and assembling instructions is provided in this DVD which comes along with this kit.

2) Line Follower - A line follower robot is a two wheels cart robot which follows a black colored line. It can take sharp turn, follow zigzag patterns and make difficult movements all because it just fol-lows a line and that line can be drawn straight or zigzag or like a wave, that’s why many things are possible in this robot.

3) Inchworm - Walks like an Inchworm, this robot wakls beautifully, Combining microcontroller's precise controlling capability and some imagination this robot can also be extended to make more natural moves and tricks.

Brain Game Kit (Simon Says)

The aim of the game is to repeat the pattern that is generated at random. You are able to play the game both visually (with the LEDS) and audible or just visually. There are four levels to choose from. Features a auto power off for when not in use. Requires 3 AA batteries (not incl.) Suggested P/N: 198707.


• Level 1 beginner soldering kit

• Power supply: 3 1.5V AA batteries (not incl.)

• Dimensions: 2.0" x 2.6"

4-Channel Relay Card Kit

Control up to 4 high-power circuits from a low-power drive circuit.


• Four relay outputs, single-pole inverters

• Can be used with open-collector circuits

• Max. load: 240VAC @ 3A resistive

• Four control LED's

• Relay part number SRU-06VDC-SD-C

• Relay contact ratings: 15A @ 125VAC, 10A @ 240VDC/28VDC

• Size: 3.0" x 2.7" x 0.98"

• Requires: 9VDC @ 300mA power supply (Not included)

Bug Robot –Coming soon

• This bug is not only machine as you may think about it. It is having its own character, Not Programmatically but It walks like a bug, It can go front and can also go backwards, It can dance when it wants. Although It looks like a machine to us, It looks like a real dangerous bug to our dog and he runs away. This Bug not only teaches students how to design legged animal movements, it also take them closer to nature and to let them observe the patterns of walking in different animals.

About Bug Design - Designed with flexible, bendable Acrylic and flexible tough sleeved copper wire, This bug can withstand rough handling and free fall from about 1 metre. The arduino circuit is fitted with screws on acrylic sheet. This bug works with light weight Li ion batteries and micro servos which makes a high power to weight ratio. The micro servos comes with this bug are able to drive the bug smoothly with low power rating.

Working Mode - The kit comes with different programs which can be customized as needed. The main programs are - Normal forward motion, slow motion, Dancing mode, Forward and backward together.

Automatic Street Light Controller System Using Relays and LDR

This is a simple circuit. The Transistor performs the switching operation to switch ON and OFF the LED based on which the LED will glow. Here, the transistor switches ON the circuit and activates the LED to emit light when the light does not fall on the LDR. By using this Automatic system for street light controlling, we can reduce energy consumption because the manually operated street lights are not switched off properly even the sunlight comes and also not switched on earlier before sunset.

It automatically switches ON lights when the sunlight goes below the visible region of our eyes. (e.g in evening after Sunset).

It automatically switches OFF lights when Sunlight fall on it ( i.e on LDR ) e.g in morning, by using a sensor called LDR (Light Dependent Resistor) which senses the light just like our eyes.


• Ldr based sensor

• On board 5v relay to control solar street light

• Relay will automatically turn on in low lighting condition and will turn off when lighting is adequate

• Pefect to control solar based garden light or street light

• Works best in open natural light source

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