What is the purpose of attending workshops?

A workshop provides a way to create an intensive educational experience in a short amount of time, when the time for a more comprehensive effort may not be available. Participants may be working, they may be too far apart to gather together regularly, or may simply be unwilling to commit large amounts of time. A workshop can introduce a new concept, spurring participants to investigate it further on their own, or can demonstrate and encourage the practice of actual methods.

Knowledge is the strength.To do a better business either through a product or service, the company should be better than the competitors. As there is a lot of competition in the almost all the fields, the companies should prove to the customer that they are smarter than others through their smarter products or services. To do so, the companies are looking for smarter people. A person with a beautiful appearance is not the measurement of smartness. The smartness can be measured by the person who can accomplish his/her task in a better way than others. If we can do better than others, we are the smarter persons.A person who has a better value is a better person. Let's say, the person 1 is paid 100/- per hour and person 2 is paid 200/- per hour. What makes the difference? It means that the person-2 is creating more value than person-1 in an hour. So the salary is not paid for an hour, but it is paid for the value you have created in an hour.To create more value for your life, you need to sacrifice a bit of life for your value. If you spend some consistent time to improve your value, it will increase the value of your entire life. There are wonderful tools available to improve your value. The two main important tools are books and Seminars (workshops). Knowledge is the strength.We have a very short life. We can't learn everything by ourselves by trial and error. The better way is to make use of other’s experience. A person who is conducting a seminar may be an expert in that field. By attending one such seminar, you can save time and learn much more. Remember that you can spend any money and travel any distance to attend one useful seminar because one useful seminar may save your 5 to 10 years of hard work. According to the 80/20 Pareto’s Principle, 80% of what you are attending may not be useful for you. But, 20% of what you attending will be useful, helpful and even it may become a turning point in your life. We don’t know where is that 20%. So it is advisable to attend as many seminars as possible. If you feel that the program will help you either directly or indirectly, you can attend that program. It is highly recommended to attend three types are programs such as Motivational, Inspirational and Technical. One of the common mistakes a person makes is looking for a company. If you are taking a friend along with you, he /she may influence you either positively or negatively. To become a better person, taking action alone (if possible) is highly recommended. Don’t ask your friends whether we can attend that program or not. Just decide first and then check whether any of your friends can accompany you. If you get one, then it is good. If not, it is more than good.

  • Internet of Things

  • Robotics

  • Embedded System (PIC Microcontroller, ARM LPC 2148 )

  • Raspberry pi

  • PIC Microcontroller


  • Arduino Uno with Node MCU

  • Multilayer PCB Designing

  • LabVIEW with CLAD Training

  • Beagle bone

  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning

  • RTOS


  • LoRa

  • Basic Eletronics

  • C, C++ & Python Programming with data structures

  • Wireless Interfaces GSM, GPS, ZIGBEE, RSSI, WiFi, LiFi, iBeacon & Bluetooth

  • Protocol on Embedded System (SPI, I2C & CAN Protocol)

  • JAVA & Android